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What our clients say about us…

"Dunstan Designs restored my faith in contractors. Chris Dunstan is professional, responsive and proactive. Chris fixed problems before we even mentioned them... We have had a lot of work done on our 1920s home and, believe me, that doesn't happen often. Working with Dunstan Designs was pleasant and stress-free. I can't say that about any of the other work we've had done in the last 10 years."
     — Deerdra Janney, West Palm Beach

“During the construction of our manufacturing facility, we were faced with unexpected challenges with the landscaping. Chris Dunstan of Dunstan Designs worked proactively with the architect, site crew and the local inspector to ensure that these issues would be handled correctly and professionally. The result was a project that finished on schedule, on budget and looks amazing.”
    — Jerry Kern, Vice President, Trainor Glass Company - Florida Division

“My husband and I would be remiss if we did not inform you of what an outstanding job Chris and his men did in transforming our fenced-in back yard into an ‘Oasis in Paradise.’ It was well worth the large investment. The trees and flora and fauna are just beautiful. The lovely waterfall creates and ambience of peace and tranquility, which is exactly what we were looking for. We thank you so much for creating this for us.”
— Emma Ogens, West Palm Beach

“Chris Dunstan's eye for landscaping has been invaluable to us. He knows what looks good and he knows how to make it grow! After the hurricanes, he came over and told us what could be saved and what couldn't. He braced the trees to be saved and they've done really well - they're back and beautiful. We would not hesitate to call him for any kind of yard landscaping problem.”
— Lynn and Scott Eyman, West Palm Beach

"After Hurricane Frances, I was devastated to find my prized seedless Hong Kong Orchid tree crashed to the ground. I knew Chris was in the landscape business and that he was assisting folks in the neighborhood so I called him. In short order, he had the tree properly trimmed and righted, with advice for continuing care. He also trimmed limb damage on my gumbo limbo. Both trees have survived further hurricanes and are flourishing. I am grateful for his artistic and botanical knowledge and quick response."
— Suzette Green, Master Gardener, West Palm Beach

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